Grand view of Old Town Bratislava across the Danube
Photo by: xlibber, Creative Commons

If you are bound to travel in Central Europe, you may want to drop by at one of its wonderful cities, the Bratislava, Slovakia. The city, which is Slovakia’s capital, can be found near other places of interests such as Austria, Hungary, Vienna and Budapest.

Once you have decided to give it a try, you might as well roam about at the following good spots in the city.

First off, you might want to check out the Bratislava Castle, which is located at a hill overlooking the Danube. Actually, this castle is one of the most popular landmarks in this town. It used to be Great Moravian fortress back in the 9th century. Come the 10th century, it became the King’s residence after it was rebuilt. Every century since then, the castle underwent rebuilding innovations, but it suffered greatly and almost become ruins after it caught fire in 1811. Reconstruction was started in 1954 and it only started become functional once more in 1968.

The Grassalkovich Palace is located at the Hodžovo Square. The structure has a Spanish hall at its center and behind this one-story building; you will be enamored with pretty French gardens.

While on the Hviezdoslav Square, you may want to see the National Theatre. This was built in 1886 and this now houses the National Opera and Ballet.

It is also a must to see the most significant Gothic building in the city, which is the St. Martin’s Cathedral.

Most of the sights and attractions at the Bratislava, Slovakia showcase good architecture and say a lot about the town’s history. You will have a good time looking around while learning about this place’s past.

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