Circa 1932 Brazzaville Railway
Photo by: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

Brazzaville is the capital and also the largest city of Congo, which sits on the famous Congo River. This river is the second largest river in Africa next to the Nile. Brazzaville. Is also the financial and administrative capital which is why one-third of the population of the Republic of Congo resides here, especially when finding a job, as Brazzaville is home to 40% of non-agricultural employment.

The city lies to the north of its chief river and is surrounded by savannah, a grassland ecosystem characterized by the presence of trees and tall grasses. Without further description, savannahs are automatically thought of when it comes to African safaris. Brazzaville was founded by a Franco-Italian explorer, Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, from which the city is named after. Brazza primarily referred to the city as Nkuna. It is now one of the very industrial cities of the Republic of Congo. Its industries include textile, tanning, machine shops and manufacturing. As key port along the Congo River, distribution and deliveries of rubber, wood, agricultural products and raw materials also occur here.

Brazzaville is very famous for its most notable building which is the St. Anne’s Basilica. It was built by Roger Erell in 1949, and is noted for its green tiled roof. Erell also designed a house for Charles de Gaulle, the French general who led the Free French Forces during World War II. Other tourist attractions in Brazzaville include the Congressional Palace and the Nabemba Tower. Artists and nature lovers will definitely love to visit the Brazzaville zoo, the Poto-poto school of Painting and the Marien Ngouabi Masouleum.

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