Sunrise at Breckenridge
Photo by: Lee Coursey, Creative Commons

The town of Breckenridge is one of Colorado’s most popular historic municipalities. Located within the municipal site of Summit County, the town has an estimated population of about 2,500 based from the 2000 US Census. Breckenridge is famously known for its winter sports events such as Ski tournaments and outdoor hiking sites. The town is home to the annual “Breckenridge Film Festival” which is held every 4th of July.

The town was originally named after US Vice President John Breckinridge in 1859. General George Spencer chose the name “Breckinridge” after gaining a “Post Office” position from Vice President Breckinridge in November 1859. The first US Post Office was built in Breckinridge and started to expand in Salt Lake City and Continental Divide areas in Utah.

In 1861, after Breckinridge’s end of term in office, Spencer decided to change the name of the town upon the demand of the “Pro-Union” citizens of Colorado. The “i” in the town’s name was changed to “e” after the fall of the 1861 Civil War. In 1859, the Breckenridge Town was founded by a group of miners from Idaho Springs. The production of gold old in the town decreased during the late 1880’s until 1908. Log Cabin Expertise Edwin Carter was among the notable miners who discovered the significance of gold and other mining materials in Breckenridge.

Breckenridge holds a variety of public-sponsored events annually. The Breckenridge International Snow Sculpture Event is held every January. The championship event invites sculptors worldwide to showcase their various artworks made from 20 blocks of snow. The National Repertory Orchestra is the town’s musical showcase sponsored by the prestigious Breckenridge Musical Institute. Held every summer at the Riverwalk Center, is the music festival features a four-night full orchestra and modern musical performances from various Colorado-based musicians and artists.

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