Brno, Czech Republic
Photo by: adrigu , Creative Commons

If you want to visit one of the great historical lands of the Bohemian Crown, then go and see for yourself the city of Brno, Czech Republic. This is known to be the second largest city in all of Czech Republic and the capital of the South Moravian Region. It is also known as the cultural and political hub of the country perhaps because it is situated between ancient trade routes which have joined together the southern and northern parts of Europe for centuries. It also has a moderate climate that allows people to go sightseeing and enjoy the city’s many great activities throughout the year.

Folks of leisure as well as business people often visit the city not just to see the sights but to attend annual events and celebrations. If you are an entrepreneur, you might appreciate the Brno Exhibition Center which was established during the 1920’s. This is a prime attraction for business people because of over 40 trade shows and fairs held here annually. Perhaps this is why it has gained the title as the capital of trade fairs in Central Europe.

Another great reason to visit the city of Brno is for the fireworks display held every June. Ignis Brunensis is the international competition of fireworks held mid-year and attracts tourists and spectators all over the world. If you are a motor racing enthusiast, you may very well enjoy visiting the Masaryk Circuit where all races are held on a street course.

If you are not into business, fireworks display or motor racing, you can always visit the stunning university grounds of Masaryk University, the Academy of Music and the Performing Arts and the Brno University of Technology. If the academe doesn’t appeal to you however, you can admire the unique modern functionalistic architecture of the Villa Tughendhat which was built in the 1920’s and a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002.

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