Brooklyn Historical Society

Conference of the BHS
Photo by: uberzombie, Creative Commons

For travel buffs who are also fascinated with history, academics, and relics, the Brooklyn Historical Society is the place to go. New York may seem to be just another shopping capital, but in the less crowded parts of the city, there exist quite a number of great places that would surely feed your need for history and knowledge. There are only a few places in the world that could boast that they are a museum, a library, and an educational center all in one. And the Brooklyn Historical Society is among them.

The vast passion for knowledge is definitely on top of the vision and mission of the institution. And anyone who expresses the same kind of thirst for knowledge is welcome to join the meetings!

Founded in 1863, the Brooklyn Historical Society, or BHS as it is more popularly called, is an exclusive organization consisting of mostly Brooklyn locals who all share the same passion for history, arts, education, and learning. They specialize in promoting the 400-year history of Brooklyn and exhibiting and preserving historical relics that would strengthen their identity more. Although the organization may seem very exclusive, they openly welcome visitors and tourists in their exhibits and in meetings.

The relics, historical maps, books, and other fascinating records are also open for public viewing in their exhibits. They also have various educational programs that are open for all ages. The greatness of the Brooklyn Historical Society is very evident. The participation of the communities and the massive support that they have been getting are just few of the reasons as to why it is an organization worth visiting.

There are many more reasons why the historical Society is an outstanding organization. Their work for the community, and for New York itself, has produced great results. You might want to drop by one of their meetings when you are around the area!

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