View of Brooklyn from above
Photo by: Kris Arnold, Creative Commons

Brooklyn, New York is known for having a huge population but aside from that, it is also well known for having diverse areas to offer to visitors. It doesn’t matter if you’re the museum type of visitor, or the night club type of visitor, whatever type you are, there will be somewhere for you to explore and enjoy. The neighbourhood itself is interesting enough for one to visit. The place is known for being a shelter to different ethnic groups, for people of different beliefs and outlook in life. Chinese, Jewish and many other groups reside altogether in this area of New York which makes the place even more pleasant and attractive in the eyes of an outsider.

Even if Brooklyn seems to be really crowded, there are still those places where you can find silence and where you can just sit, relax and admire. One of those places is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It found near the equally beautiful Prospect Park. You will enjoy the Asian feel in the garden. Have fun checking out the beautiful cherry trees, ponds, rock gardens and enjoy the smell of nature.

If you want adventure, you can visit and have fun at Coney Island. It was built for the rich and able people long time ago, but it is now open for everyone to enjoy. If you are lucky enough and you went there on the right day, you might even witness the annual hotdog eating contest. If you are going to Brooklyn in the summer, make sure to drop by Coney Island Beach and enjoy the heat of the sun.

Brooklyn is a fun place because you can enjoy it just roaming around its streets, go for a bicycle ride, people watch, go out at night with friends and meet new people. It is sure one place in New York that you would not want to miss.

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