Blue domed mosque in Mount Lebanon
Photo by: stevendamron, Creative Commons

Sometimes, life becomes simple when you find yourself on a spot in the map, where there are less demanding tasks and luxury is found on majestic landscapes and a relaxing slumber at a beautiful garden. That is life at Broummana, Lebanon, a city that is proud of how it can make life trouble-free and cushy.

This city is best recommended to visit for those who appreciate little things in life, and for those who find relaxation with nature. There are scenic sites, where one can truly feel the wonders that the natural world has given a long time ago.

Moreover, the simplicity of life here boils down to the food that people are eating and consider as their best-tasting cuisine. There is a bountiful harvest of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the year despite the hot climate the region endures throughout the year.

But regardless of the simple ways, the city continues to boast of some of its major tourist’s attractions. Known as a flower city, Broummana is home to some of the world’s most beautiful flowers. Moreover, you will also experience the wonderful natural sceneries that the city included in its ecotourism project. You will discover cliffs, mountains, rivers, huge rock formations, and hills that you will not see elsewhere. You can go trekking and hiking in mountain ranges and experience life at the wild.

For avid sightseeing fanatics, there are picture-perfect sites that are just right for you to discover. The church of the Prophet Isaiah is one of these sites, and it is a beautiful work of art because it was built in huge pieces of red and yellow lime stones.

The Deir Al Kalaa is an attraction to behold. There are temples and convents built in this area, and the ancient ruins continue to serve as a perfect reminder of the Phoenician people of the past.

Another place to visit is the Druze Sanctuary. It is a small structure built in bricks. It became a religious hub of the people in the middle age. Today, it is a must-see site that tourists will surely adore.

You shouldn’t leave Broummana without tasting some of their local dishes. Most of these are lamb or seafood cooking oozing with a different kind of zest. One famous dish is the Kafta Meshwiyye or spiced lamb sausage. It goes well with a vegetable salad and other main course. After every dinner, don’t forget to order coffee, because this is one important beverage among Lebanese.

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