A canal street in Brugge, Belgium
Photo by: pdbreen , Creative Commons

One of the precious jewels of Belgium is the city of Brugge. Knows as “The Venice of the North”, it was able to preserve its medieval spirit, as showcased by its architectural and artistic treasures. Since 2000, it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

One day is never enough for anyone who visits Brugge, especially when you come to the city on one of its snowy nights usually between December and January. The most popular spots in the city are the museums, such as the Groeninge Museum (which houses the artworks of Jan van Eyck), and the Memling Museum (that has the wooden shrine of St. Ursula). The beautiful courtyard of Beguinage and the City Hall are popular landmarks as well.

One’s visit to Brugge wouldn’t be complete without stepping foot in the Chapel of the Holy Blood that displays an ampoule containing Jesus Christ’s blood. And who can forget the theaters, concert halls, and cinemas found in the city?

Of course, you have to take the once in a lifetime carriage ride or otherwise known as canal ride along the Brugge canal to reach the shopping centers and art galleries in the city. You should not miss tasting its products, too, like mouth watering chocolates, waffles and beers that they have. In fact they are often called the “World’s Capital of Chocolate”.

All year round, Brugge hosts many music, cultural and food festivals like the Bruges Festival, and the Cactus Festival. They also have a major sporting event every April which they call Ronde van Vlaanderen cycle race.

Visiting Brugge will definitely be a worthwhile experience for anyone, as it has always been a significant city for Belgium.

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