Bucharest’s Village Museum

Bucharest’s Village Museum, Romania
Photo by: lxstoian, Creative Commons

The Bucharest Village Museum is a perfect place to relive the rich history of Romania. It offers a close look into the cultural background of Romania. You can also experience the breathtaking view when you see the Herãstrãu lake shore. But the most appealing feature of this museum is that it is located outdoors. It is definitely not your typical museum in a hall or building.

This museum is also one of the largest and the oldest outdoor museums in the entire Europe. On display are houses, pens, churches, water mills, wind mills, and cloth mills. They all have a great historic as well as artistic value. All the objects inside are preserved with special care. These include household furniture, carpets, pottery, rugs, and images.

Another feature that adds to the charm of the Bucharest Village Museum is that it shows the uniqueness of the Romanians through their lifestyle. It shows the simplicity and splendor of the people who lived on the countryside.

The idea of creating such a museum came from Romanian sociologists and spearheaded by Prof. Dimitrie Gusti. The original concept was to build a museum that would indicate the sociological structure of Romania. As the museum evolved, objects have been moved from different places in Romania to Bucharest. On May 10, 1936, it was inaugurated.

The entire museum has 322 constructions including houses, mills, and churches. Every year, the Bucharest Village Museum is visited by around 300,000 people, both from local and abroad. It is truly astonishing. It incorporates the whole of Romania in just one place which means it is just as good as touring the whole country. The place just gives you that feeling you are in ancient village of the past. So if you want to experience an educational, historical, and a cultural trip, visit the Village Museum where you can forget the city life for awhile.

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