Cişmigiu Garden / Park, Bucharest, Romania
Photo by: cod_gabriel, Creative Commons

Economically the most prosperous and the capital of Romania, Bucharest is the sixth largest city in the European Union and its country’s industrial, cultural, and financial center. With elegant architecture and very sophisticated elite, Bucharest is called the Little Paris of the East. The city has a broad range of cultural venues, educational facilities, convention facilities, shopping arcades and recreational areas.

The city of Bucharest is culturally and historically rich, with a temperate continental climate. Believe it or not practically everything in Bucharest is a tourist attraction, from railway stations to churches, sports arenas, private and public infrastructures, political buildings and monuments.

Its historical attractions include the remains of the Curtea Veche, the royal court in Bucharest during the Middle Ages, and the CEC Palace, Bucharest’s History Museum. The Bucharest City Hall, the Palace of Justice, and the Palace of the Parliament are the city’s grand political buildings. The Palace of the Parliament in particular houses not just the Romanian Parliament but also the National Museum of Contemporary Art. Other cultural buildings sought after by tourists include the Museum of the Romanian Peasant, the I.L. Caragiale National Theater, and the Zambaccian Museum. Even the National Bank of Romania is a place to visit, as it exhibits bank notes, coins, documents, silver and gold bullion, dies, molds, maps and photographs.

Bucharest also boasts of gigantic sceneries such as the National Stadium, the Cretulescu Palace which is a historic structure, the very wide Alba Lulia Square, and the United Nations Square.

There are more places in Bucharest for site seeing, but other than that tourists will surely enjoy live music and night life at clubs, a stroll at its famous parks and gardens, and great shopping and feasting at Bucharest’s great malls and restaurants.

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