Bugibba Seafront
Photo by: UweF, Creative Commons

Bugibba is another popular tourist destination in Malta. It also has the liveliest evening crowds in the country and its greatest advantage is positioning. Bugibba is located in the North East Coast of Malta and is near to most tourist destinations in the country.

Bugibba is home of the friendly locals and provides an atmosphere that is truly, tourist-friendly.

For your dining pleasure in Bugibba, you may include…

Garra Trattoria. A bar and restaurant that serves Italian and Mediterranean dishes. You could dine outside in its courtyard area or inside the quaint and decorated bar.

Chez Gaetane. This is a restaurant located right on Bugibba Square and offers one of the biggest menus in the island.

The Venus Restaurant.
It specializes in both European and Mediterranean cuisine. It takes these words to best to describe it: good food, good wine, good service.

Bugibba is surrounded by beaches which makes it a good place to enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, and surfing.

These are the other attractions to see when you visit Bugibba:

The Bugibba Temple. This is a sanctuary erected for the worship of a deity. It is enclosed by the New Dolmen Hotel and was discovered in 1928.

Bugibba Empire Cinema Complex. The first entertainment center in Malta. It has four cinema theaters, a café, and a sweet shop.

Bugibba Square. This is the best place to enjoy the evenings because of the various pubs and clubs located in the area.

Bugibba Promenade. Offers a good view of the sea where you can enjoy a peaceful walk.

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