Mongolian landscape by one of the many lakes in Bulgan
Photo by: tiarescott, Creative Commons

Mongolia, located between the nations of Russia and China, is one of the few vast landlocked nations in the world where a roving life still exists. One of the popular tribe capitals in Mongolia is Bulgan. You can find a grassy park crowned with pine trees in the middle town. Because the second largest city in Mongolia is close to Bulgan, this city wasn’t given much attention for industrialization and development. A very few number of jeeps for transportations and hotels can be found in Bulgan.

The weather in Bulgan gets too hot or mostly cloudy so if you plan a travel in Bulgan do not forget to bring your sun protection garments. Among the things you should bring are sunglasses, umbrella, hats, and sun block lotion. You can visit the interesting sceneries and landscapes found in Bulgan like the desert nomads, sand dunes, and small lakes.

Going to Bulgan is not quite hard as traffic is not too heavy. You can get there by getting on a bus, a jeep or a minivan. When there are quite a lot of passengers, minivans and jeeps travel within Ulaanbaatar to Bulgan for eight hours and vise versa but usually people take the overnight one-hour trip by train from Erdenet.

You can select from the two routes going to Bulgan from Ulaanbaatar. A southern route is the more direct but you will have to go through a rough road via the city of Dashinchilen while the longer paved route in the north part is via Erdenet and Darkhan.

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