Bund Riverfront

Bund Waterfront 400
Bund Riverfront – Nightlights
Photo by: Jakob Montrasio, Creative Commons

The Bund Riverfront is an attraction best viewed and visited in nice weather, daytime or nighttime. With over fifty tall buildings lit from 7:00pm to 11:00pm, nightlife in the Bund is something that you should experience while in Shanghai. Visiting the Bund riverfront during the daytime also holds a certain charm.

Walking along the Bund during the daytime, you will learn about China’s history and the development of the magnificent architecture in the past.

Most of the buildings in the Bund are for commercial purposes. National organizations, clubs, and restaurants call this home. Overall, there are ten different bank buildings along the Bund.

Two popular buildings found along the Bund are the peace hotel and the HSBC building, which is one of the most popular banks nowadays. The Bund stretches 1500 meters along the Huangpu River.

During the early mornings, tai chi enthusiasts gather around the Promenade to do their early morning exercises. Tourists are welcomed to learn and do tai chi themselves. Early to mid morning strolls along the Bund is suitable to those who don’t enjoy crowds.

Other attractions are also present along the Bund riverfront and most of them are part of Shanghai’s rich history. Some of these attractions include the Waibaidu Bridge, which is made of iron and was built in 1906. The bridge was recently repaired and reconstructed to accommodate an underground tunnel.

Most restaurants and commercial buildings are designed to overlook the river that holds a beauty during daytime and nighttime. Because the Bund riverfront is well known and is a primary commercial and business district, transportation is easy and accommodations are readily available.

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