Buyant –Uhaa

Ibex family
Photo by: PinkMoose, Creative Commons

Buyant-Uhaa is situated in the province of Dornogovi. It is found in the East Gobi which is the first spot visited by tourists via the train line from Beijing, China going to Ulaanbaatar. The sight viewed from the window of the train is a vast, flat, arid desert land of emptiness. Local trading between these two is supported using the railway transport while the rest of the locals rely on mining copper and small-scale business of oil extraction.

You can get to Buyant-Uhaa, Mongolia via plane directly to Buyant-Uhaa airport. From there cars, taxis, and buses are available going to your preferred hotel. Nearby popular hotels are found one kilometer away from the railway station and 50 minutes drive from the tomb of Genghis Khan.

A popular monastery nearby often visited by tourists is Khamaryn Khiid. Poet-monk Danzan Ravjaa first established the monastery which was once deserted by monks. Later on it became an important pilgrimage point among Mongolians and by tourists and researchers of Buddhism.

Main attractions that you can visit before your railway travel back to China are Ergeliin Zuu and Ikh Nart Natural Reserve. Ergeliin Zuu is a small obscured area in the region that has amazing rock formations. Paleontologists often visit this site as this include fossils of mammals that are believed and studied to be about 30 million years old.

Ikh Nart Natural Reserve is home to many wildlife animals including the mountain goats or ibex and black vultures. A natural spring across Khalzan Uul is believed to remedy different health ailments.

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