Cần Thơ

Busy Can Tho downtown street for “Moto Drivers.”
Photo by: Joe Gatling, Creative Commons

Can Tho is the capital of Mekong Delta as it is one of the largest city in Vietnam. Vietnamese locals often regard it as a colorful city painted in the canvas of Vietnam because of its colorful market and establishments. Although it has its trademark city landscape, Can Tho City is a major center of rice, fruits, vegetables and fish production. Despite the urban landscape, the city has a complex system of rivers and canals which attracts a lot of tourists every year. Most tourists love its floating markets where different foods and delicacies can be purchased. Furthermore, take note of the following tourist destinations that must be visited upon touring around Can Tho:

• Can Tho Museum
It houses the achievements of Can Tho locals. You will learn a lot of Can Tho historical facts upon visiting this museum.

• Can Tho Tourist Gardens
These gardens are located at the riverside. In order to appreciate it, you must ride a boat in touring along the river. Vietnamese floras and faunas can be found in these gardens as well.

• Ninh Kieu Wharf
It is home to various floating restaurants. The restaurants offer authentic Vietnamese cuisines and tourists often enjoy it as the restaurant floats in the river.

• Ong Pagoda
It was built and financed by a wealthy Chinese in the late nineteenth century. It presents a Chinese style of architecture as well as Chinese culture and traditions.

Upon visiting Can Tho, spend some time in the floating market of the city. This is what most tourists enjoy as they can purchase a lot of items here in an unusual manner: through the floating boats. Getting into the city is also relatively easy as it is connected in the other cities in Vietnam. You can reach it through bus or taxi rides from Ho Chi Minh City, making it an easy to reach city above all.

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