Cabo Rojo

Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
Photo by: oquendo, Creative Commons

The city of Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico is located in south-west, Western Coastal Valley in Puerto Rico. Cabo Rojo Pueblo is the center of administrative and downtown place of Cabo Rojo city. The name may probably come from the red color of their salterns which becomes red when the concentration of salt is high. It may also come from the red color of promontories or capes where Puerto Rico was formed.

Tourism is one of the economic sources of Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico. They developed marinas and hotels. This development brings concern to locals. According to them, these changes might harm the place’s beautiful and rich beaches, natural resources and sunsets. Cabo Rojo is also known for their fishing village and numerous seafood restaurants. Many come to do fishing and eat in these restaurants.

Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico has the famous lighthouse, the Los Morrillos Lighthouse. It is two hundred feet tall and constructed in 1881. It was charged electrically and automated in 1967. Here you can have the most amazing views of the oceans. The place also has salt mines where salt is being mined non-stop since the early times. This is the reason why these mines are considered as the oldest industry here.

Cabo Rojo is famous for its beautiful beaches, caves, and festivities. Festivities around the year include Pescao, Años, Chiguero, Betances, Oyster, Boqueron, Watermelon, Retorno a la Arena, Patron, La Pileta and Le Lo Lai Festivals. These colorful and fun festivities are held between the months of March to December.

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