Cabot Trail

Cabot Trail 400
Cabot Trail
Photo by: glangille, Creative Commons

Cabot trail named after John Cabot, an explorer, is in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia a province of Canada. This is a 185 miles or a 298-kilometer long highway. The trail passes through beautiful places, attractions, landscapes, parks, beaches and a wonderful community. Most people hike instead of driving through the trail wanting to take pleasure in the beauty of Cape Breton Island. In fact the trail will only consume few hours of driving but more often than not visitors stop and stay there for a night and usually for few days more.

Cape Breton Island has a lot of breathtaking sceneries; it has also a lot of trails like Pollett’s Cove and the Skyline trail. However, Cabot trail is the most talked about. The views alongside the road are charming and the people as well are very charismatic which made it even more pleasant.

The place is truly amazing, it does not change through to the seasons, and instead it becomes more pleasing. If it’s winter, the place becomes a good destination for skiing and when it’s fall, the surrounding become all the more fantastic.

There is no such thing as boredom in the Cabot trail because nobody will run out of activity. And even if there is no activity at all, by simply looking at the sceneries alongside the trail is already a great experience.

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