Canary Islands

Canary Islands - Lanzarote 400
Mirador del Río, Lanzarote
Photo by: marcp dmoz, Creative Commons

The Canary Islands is a chain of Spanish Islands situated to the northwest coast of Africa and it is about 100 km for the borders of Western Sahara and Morocco. The islands are volcanic and there are about seven islands, one minor island and a number of smaller islands.

Seven major islands

Gran Canaria

It is the third largest among the seven islands. It is also considered as “continent in miniature” for its natural beauty. This island is famous for its white sandy beaches. The longest beach here is the “Playa del Ingles” that measures 4km long. In addition scuba diving and nightlife are other major attractions.


It is a volcanic island and it is one of the major tourist spots. The island is famous for kite surfing and wind surfing and it is also considered as “Windsurfers Mecca”.


The Lanzarote Island offers stunning volcanic landscapes and it also features an airport. The island is famous for its museums, beaches and the major attractions here are parasailing, windsurfing, scuba diving and snorkeling. In addition the island also serves the delicious Italian food and one of the fine qualities of beer that comes at a cheaper price.


It is the largest island and the best tourist spot. The island is famous for its parks, beaches, water sports and nightlife.

El Hierro

It is the smallest among the seven other islands. The environment here is very calm and this region is also the best place to relax. This island was also listed by the UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve in the year 2000.

La Gomera

It is the second smallest island. The major attractions here are the Garajonay National Park and the waterfalls.

La Palma

This island is located close to the borders of Morocco and this island is also known as “La Isla Bonita”. The island features stunning volcanic landscapes and the highest point here is about 2464 meters.

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