Cane Garden Bay

Local bay in Cane Garden Bay, British Islands.

Photo by: superde1uxe , Creative Commons

If you want to experience the ultimate beach vacation getaway in the Caribbean, you should head to Cane Garden Bay, British Virgin Islands. This is a must-visit place in the Caribbean. It is probably the most popular beach in the area.

First, the location is a perfect tropical paradise. You can find tropical palms swaying in the wind, crystal blue water, gleaming white sand, and a bright and sunny weather. The place is picture perfect and you can’t help but wonder if the background is the one usually used in post cards.

The view of the beach is breathtaking enough, but the numerous activities that you can do in the water will also take your breath away—literally. You can go sailing, wind surfing, swimming, snorkeling, and jet skiing. A week-long visit will not be enough to do all the things that you want to do in Cane Garden Bay, British Virgin Islands.

Aside from water sports, you can also go horseback riding and jogging along the beach. This is a fun way to tour the island. You will see the different shops and people that inhabit Cane Garden Bay.

Cane Garden Bay, British Virgin Islands has many restaurants and bars that serve great food and rinks. If you want to try the favorite food in Cane Garden Bay, you should eat at Myett’s, Elm, and Quito’s. If you are craving for home-style food, you can go to Stanley’s which serves “Cheeseburger in Paradise.” Just the name will make your mouth water.

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