Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral 400
The Cathedral of Canterbury
Photo by: gailf548, Creative Commons

Canterbury Cathedral in Canterbury, Kent County, is one of the most ancient structures in England and is a part of the World Heritage Site. This cathedral is the official residence of the leader of the Church of England, Archbishop of Canterbury, who is also the symbolic leader of the Anglican Communion. The formal name of this Christian edifice is the Cathedral and Metro political Church of Christ at Canterbury.

Tourists visit this Gothic inspired architectural structure because aside from being home to England’s “holy people,” the place is also enhanced by its rich historical background. Masterpieces that are inside this tourist destination include the stained-glass window image of Thomas Becket. Becket was the second of four Archbishops who was murdered inside the cathedral. This was after King Henry’s knights plainly misinterpreted the king’s utterance of his frustration towards Becket. The Trinity Chapel is another location in the cathedral that is frequently visited. It was built for the remains of St. Thomas the Martyr. Aside from this the Corona Tower containing the relics of Becket’s head is also a tourist favorite. Due to these two shrines’ popularity, a significant amount was gathered. The money was used to rebuild the Canterbury Cathedral and some of its more recently built structures.

In 2006, the administration running and maintaining the cathedral made a fund raising appeal to bring up 50 million pounds under the banner, Save Canterbury Cathedral. This Regimental Church of the Princess of Wales’ Royal Regiment provides various activities and services to its visitors; thus, the appeal for the preservation of its beauty and structure.

Within the area, accommodation is never a problem. Most people choose to host events and conferences in the place as well. So, add this tourist destination to your itinerary and have a closer look at the cathedral mentioned in one of Geoffrey Chaucer’s’ literary pieces.

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