Cape Fatuosofia

Manono Island
Photo by: Jorge P. Price, Creative Commons

Cape Fatuosofia is a small island filled with schools, hospitals, dwellings, churches and many other facilities operated by religious group for charitable purposes and to spread and teach religion. Cape is a populated land area that has a tract of land much smaller than a continent that is being surrounded by tropical beaches and high water. There are many things to see in Cape Fatuosofia, mostly aquatic resources. But there are mountains present in this area. Its mountains are standing high above elevated areas that have very steep slopes, surrounded by small summit areas and local reliefs of not more than 300m.

Cape Fatuosofia is situated 10km southwest of the airport and opposite to Manono Island. This isolated area in Samoa is very rich in tropical attractions. Its lagoon for example is characterized by shallow coastal body that is partly or completely separated by the island’s barrier and coral reefs or other depositional feature from larger bodies of water. A land that functions more than just a prominent point, Cape Fatuosofia projects into the sea that makes a notable mark in coastal direction. Though some of them are composed of hazardous consolidated materials, there are still some areas reefs that are safe to visit and dive.

Cape Fatuosofia offers many accommodations in its area. There are many affordable hotels and restaurants close to its port. There are also beach fronts available in this area that has facilities such as swimming pools, wedding chapels, kids club and many others.

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