Capri Island

Capri 400
On the Beach in Capri, this boat is waiting for you.
Photo by: FlyNutAA, Creative Commons

Do you want a place where romance is in the air? Head off to your own secluded spot in Italy called the isle of Capri. This is located just outside Naples where it could be reached by visitors via taxi, ferry ride or even through a helicopter if you have all the means. What is so great about this visitor destination is its own rich history dating back to the 1600s. You can really find solace in such a place since it is so incredibly blessed with nature.

There are so many ways for you to enjoy, like dive in its pristine waters unlike any other place you’ve been to. The visitors that come to Capri find time to say “Voglio Rivederti” or see you again in Italian. The Piazzetta, Piazza Umberto I, which is considered the center of Capri, bars, restaurants and even coffee shops are scattered everywhere for you to revel in the isle’s fantastic view.

Capri is home to a former monastery named the Garden of Augustus. The breathtaking view takes you back to the 1300s when life was simple and true. Head back to the time of Tiberius, known as Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus, the famous Roman leader who led the Roman Empire to freedom.

There are about a hundred things to do in Capri, so during your stay there, you’ll see that everything is all about going back into time. Pack light clothes because in this isle, everything is so laid back and all the visitors, especially nature lovers, can have the freedom to enjoy hiking.

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