Caracas is Venezuela’s capital so it is just natural for tourists to go to this place before anywhere else. That is just right since it would be a waste for tourists to not see the wonderful sights in this largest Venezuelan city.

What Caracas takes pride in is its world-class museums containing one of a kind artworks and different historical artifacts that would not be found anywhere but in their property. Tourists who enjoy going out at nights would also enjoy exploring the different clubs in the city. It would be a joy for these tourists to go around even in the wee hours of the night because people would still be up partying. Since the city is primarily, industrial and commercial, it is bustling with malls. If you have plans of visiting this beautiful city, make sure to go spend a little (or a lot) of your money to buy clothes and quirky items fit for gifts.

Some of the places you should check out once you set foot in this city are the Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex or Carreño Theatre. Venezuelan culture is so rich, making their music and arts filled with color. If you are lucky, you could watch operas and ballet performances there or large symphonic concerts led by popular Venezuelan performers.

If you are a fan of parks and plazas, you should also check out Venezuela’s East Park, Plaza Bolivar and Plaza Caracas. These places have clubs that will keep you up all night and make your visit to the country worth it.

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