Cardiff castle
Photo by: ezioman, Creative Commons

Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, has come a long way from being the industrial city it was known to be a few years ago. Because its government has put an emphasis on modernizing the old in order to have a more vibrant tourism industry, it’s now become an enticing tourist hot spot that many people are starting to appreciate. There are many attractions that can lure you into Cardiff, so instead of looking to other areas for the quintessential welsh holiday, why not decide to stay here for a bit? You might just find yourself pleasantly surprised that you did.

Since Cardiff has a pretty compact central area, the best way to explore the city would be by foot. This way, you not only get the health benefits of an intense walk, but you also get the chance to experience the different sounds and sights up close. Start your walking tour in Cardiff by visiting the renowned Cardiff Castle and be amazed by the grandeur and style that the castle is best known for. If the tour has got you working up a sweat, then make sure to take the road to Bute Park for some relaxation time. This is a very popular place for both locals and tourists alike as it offers tranquility and peace amidst the hectic lifestyle in the city.

If you’re looking for some good food to satisfy your hunger, make sure you drop by the Cardiff bay for a one of a kind dining experience. Here you’ll find the best bars, restaurants and cafes that will leave you wanting more. After you’ve had your fill, explore the bay by taking a boat ride all the way to the far end of their route where you’ll find the Norwegian church still standing.

Shopping in Cardiff is definitely a treat, as you will find an assortment of different goods that you will want to take home to remind you of your travels. Visit the Cardiff Antiques center if you like collecting silver coins, stamps or other vintage items. if you want to come home with something much more representative of the welsh culture, you should head on to the Castle Welsh Crafts for everything a tourist would want to buy. From stuffed animals to a whole suit of armor can be found here. Want to know when the best time would be to come to Cardiff? Since most of the notable attractions that you’ll find here are located outdoors, you should book your trip for sometime around spring thru autumn so that you won’t have to subject yourself to a chilly holiday.

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