French Guiana

Located in South America between the countries of Brazil and Suriname, the French Guiana is an overseas area of France. Exploring the French Guiana can be quite an adventure. The country is home to a diverse mixture of cultural backgrounds due to its rich and colorful history. There are many things to do in French Guiana, such as experiencing the authentic cultures, observing many protected species of animals, exploring Devil’s Island, panning for gold, and canoeing down majestic rivers.

Devil’s Island is a controversial location to visit while in French Guiana. It is the smallest and northernmost island of the three Iles du Salut located off the coast. It has an area of 34.6 acres and was used by France as a prison between 1852 and 1946. It was considered one of the most infamous prisons in history. Because of its location, other than boat, the only way to escape was through the harsh dense jungles, which very few managed to accomplish. Many of the buildings are still there to remind you of how harsh the conditions of the prison were.

French Guiana has several carnivals to enjoy while visiting there. King Carnival starts after Epiphany and goes on until Ash Wednesday. And like many other cities with a heavy French influence, they have a large Mardi Gras celebration, with the towns almost all painted red for the parade of red devils.

French Guiana has an equatorial climate, so it is advised to dress cool and dry. The weather is warm and humid with little variation in temperatures throughout the year. The annual average is 27°C. The dry season takes place during the months of August thru November and the rainy season is between December and July.

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