Cartagena Old Town

Cartagena Old Town
Photo by: Plexuz , Creative Commons

Cartagena Old Town is the fifth largest city in the country of Colombia. It is regarded as one of the safest and colonial-inspired towns in Colombia that its downtown. It is greatly influenced by colonial architectural style. In the pre-Columbian era, the old Cartagena is said to be the first documented town to gain inhabitants in the land.

Exploring this beautiful city will require some familiarization. If you’re planning to go to Cartagena Old Town, you might want to take a look at what many tourists have to say about this special place:

1. Cartagena Old Town is not like the rest of Colombia – Contrary to what is perceived about Colombia as the land where major crimes, trafficking, and narcotics prevail, this side of Colombia has more to offer. The town nestles hundreds of colonial residences, leisure parks, churches, and many more. The town being the location of the Unesco World Heritage ensures visitors a place where warm and friendly people reside.

2. The Santo Domingo Church – This is one of the famous religious temples in the town of Cartagena. Created by Colombia’s well known artist, Fernando Botero and can be found just across the Santo Domingo Square. If you want to catch a glimpse of both art and religion, the Santo Domingo Church is a must.

3. The Bocagrande – Your Cartagena Old Town visit will never be complete without stopping at the BIG MOUTH, one of Bocagrande’s most famous attractions. Here, you will be welcomed with a lot of shopping malls, art galleries, restaurants, resorts and beaches. The Bocagrande is just nearby the Cartagena bay and area’s central district, the Avenida San Martin. Traveling to the shore of the Caribbean is just 7 minutes away by boat, so for those who want to have an almost Caribbean feel, the beaches of Bocagrande is a sound entry point.

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