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Lying in the eastern side of Lake Tunis, Carthage is one of Tunisia’s biggest tourist magnets. If you are looking for a fun-filled trip with substance and meaning, you should try visiting this uniquely amazing city.

In many history books, Carthage is a popular word for places of war. The strategically located piece of land had captured the hearts of ancient Phoenicians, Romans, and Punics. Although normally known as a war-deserted place, Carthage had successfully survived the test of time without spilling any drop of its cultural wealth. Consequently, it is now a busy place for booming tourism.

The ancient structures built by Carthage’s predecessors still exist nowadays to prove the ancient glory of this ruined city. Although many of these architectural collections had faded and eroded, you can still witness the very structure itself: standing proudly to tell its history.

Other good sites in Carthage would include the following:

• Great Baths – used by the former dwellers as a public pool or as a place for worship
• Parc Archéologique – a place designated for the various Romanian and Phoenician remains, like cisterns, cannonballs, and secret hideouts. It also houses some Punic graves dating as far as the 5th century BC, underground chapels and basilicas from the Roman Catholicism and mosaic pictures depicting certain rituals and ceremonies conducted by the ancients.
• Parc des Villas Romaines – a collection of Roman villas used mainly by the powerful and the rich only.
• Odeon – constructed in 207 AD, Odeon is a vast hall located in hilltop. Many researchers believed that Odeon is a site of town festivities or annual celebrations. Now, the only remains that you might see is its platform.

Truly, visiting Carthage would be an instant time travel. There, you could actually see the places mentioned in many general reference books and you could also feel the presence of years of exploitation. This refreshing change of scenery is indeed an effective icebreaker for your stressful urban life. Why not visit Carthage in your next vacation and witness the merge of cultural milestones?

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