Cavtat harbor
Photo by: Kawanet, Creative Commons

Cavtat lies in the southernmost part of the country and can be reached by air. Only about three miles away is the Cilipi airport, which has daily flights to and from the other parts of Croatia. There are bus services at this airport that may take you to the hotel where you have booked or to other desired destinations. It is a part of the beautiful Dubrovnik River.
What makes Cavtat a popular destination among tourists is the attractive Mediterranean vegetation all around the area, which is cultivated by the unpolluted sea. Also, it is a favorite vacation spot for its old architecture that is beautifully blended with new architecture.
The beach life is great in Cavtat. The beautiful bays and beaches are complemented by the restaurants and bars located on the beachfront and make the nightlife more exciting in the area. There is a wide variety of food, from cheap pizza and other delicacies to expensive cuisine that will surely make your stay worthwhile.
Aside from the majestic beaches, Cavtat also has structures of artistic and historical value that tourists are fond of visiting. Among these are the Rector’s Palace, the Franciscan monastery, the Vlaho Bukovac Art Gallery, the Racic Mausoleu designed by Ivan Mestrovic, a well-known Croatian artist; the Baroque Church of St. Nikola and Bogisic’s scientific collection. Still common tourist destinations in Cavtat are the archaeological sites of the pre-Slav period, old walls of the city and the Sipun cave.
For nature lovers who visit Cavtat, the pine forests are among their favorite destinations. These have clear paths that begin just a few meters from the sea. These make Cavtat one of the very few places in the country where modernity, nature, art and history exist in perfect harmony.
Just imagine having the beach, modern architecture, art and history within our reach. A place that has all of these is surely the perfect venue for endless family bonding or a luxury trip of friends. And all of these are present in Cavtat. You are assured of a satisfactory stay here, so the next time you think of hitting the beach, consider the wonderful beaches of Cavtat.

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