Cerro Punta

Cerro Punta, Panama is the pride of Chiriquí Province. The place is surrounded by mountains where natives get their main source of income. Fields are planted with different kinds of flowers, fruits and vegetables for export. The weather is tropically humid with slight rainfalls in the morning. Clouds sometimes cover the whole village since its two kilometers above sea level.

Situated at the suburbs of Guadalupe, are numerous stunning orchids waiting to be discovered inside Finca Dracula Orchids Farm. You might not see Edward and Bella here but over 2000 kinds of orchids can be spotted in a 22-acre land that will leave you wondering whilst these plants existed – with in an incredibly unique variety. The best time to go here is between the months March and April where all vegetations are in full bloom.

La Amistad International Park is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Albeit shared by Panama and Costa Rica, it is still considered as the largest natural reserve in Central America. For about 45 minutes of driving from Concepcion, one of David’s districts, you can enjoy the humid climate of Cerro Punta. A superb fusion of plants and animals can be witnessed while trailing along the park. Insects and bugs that haven’t been discovered yet are hiding beneath the green pastures of the highland.

Being bounded by unlimited species, you must wear a bug repellant onto your skin for additional protection. Slipping on a jacket at night is inevitable as it gets cold by the minute. Meet flora and fauna at its best in Cerro Punta.

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