skyline with mosque of Chania, Greece
Photo by: romtomtom , Creative Commons

Chania is a wonderful port town that is a popular tourist destination for shopping and sightseeing. It has many nice restaurants and contemporary cafés. Its old town has various souvenir ships, as well as craft and art shops that tourists really enjoy. The climate here in Chania is beautiful. The summers of April until October are warm with cloudless skies. And even if most days are hot and dry, the cool breeze relieves them. Then, during the winter, seasonal rains and occasional frosts are experienced. Tourists can visit the Archaeological Museum of Chania, which contains many historical items from as far back as the fifteenth century B.C. Ancient jewelry, clay tablets, and mosaics are displayed here. The Byzantine Museum of Chania is also full of historical relics. It is located inside the Church of San Salvatore.

Then, the tourists can go around and look for good food. Traditional dishes with superb tastes can be found in Mpourakis. This place is very clean and the prices of the meals are reasonable. In addition, the cooks here only use extra virgin olive oil for cooking. The Roadhouse Bar & Grill is another place with good food. Their chili cheeseburgers are fabulous. Customers can also sing karaoke while enjoying their food. Then, home made cooking can be tasted at Mike’s. And fairly affordable Cretan dishes can be ordered at the Pinaleon. Nevertheless, there are still many more restaurants, as well as coffee shops and bars that may be experienced. Traditional Greek cuisines are must-tries for every tourist. The native souvlaki, as well as, the tzatziki are truly outstanding. In addition, vegetarian dishes are also served along with fine wine in some restaurants.

And when it comes to accommodation, Chania has plenty of great hotels to offer. There are lots of ancient Venetian houses which have been turned into cozy hotels. Most of these have very friendly owners and unique ambiances. These wonderful hotels are reasonably priced, as well. However, majority of them are not advertised on the Internet. So, the tourists may hardly find them on any website. They should go to Chania during the peak season, which is from June to August, if they want to see these hotels personally. Nevertheless, some of the more prominent hotels are Hotel Helena, which is lovely and reasonably priced, especially during the off-seasons; Ammos Hotel, and Palazzo di Pietro.

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