Château de Chenonceau

Château de Chenonceau from edge of the formal garden
Château de Chenonceau from the edge of the formal gardens
Photo by: Raph, Creative Commons

France is not just celebrated for its food that has dominated almost every country in the world; it is also famous for its government ruled by royalties in the middle ages. In fact, its evidence can still be seen on some of the castles that still stand tall near the French rivers. One of the most visited royal residences in France is the Château de Chenonceau.

This castle is located in Chenonceaux, a small village in Loire Valley, close the spot of an aged mill near the Cher River. It was constructed by Thomas Bohier and his wife Katherine Briçonnet. The castle was owned by a lot of crowned heads, including Henry II. He gave Château de Chenonceau as a gift to his mistress, Diane de Poitiers, but it was later acquired by his wife Catherine de’ Medici after his death.

The Marques Tower is one of the things you should see in Château de Chenonceau. It is erected outside by the Marques family to depict ownership of the castle. The well is ornamented with an eagle and a chimera, which are the insignias of the Marques clan. The castle’s entrance shows all of the coats of arms of the first royal owners of the place.

The interiors of the guards’ room and the royalties’ bedroom depict late Gothic and premature Renaissance designs; given by the chests that serve as decorations. The fusions of these designs are also seen on the doors, chimneys and ceilings of each room.

The castle also characterizes how these royalties embraced the Catholic faith. The statues and paintings with religious subjects dominate every room, especially the chapel. An altar is also located at its center.

Château de Chenonceau also holds an enormous library and several large halls that can entertain hundreds of visitors. The beautiful garden serves as the final attraction as you leave the castle. Come and visit Château de Chenonceau and relive that fairy-tale feeling.

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