Nyika Plateau in Chelinda, Malawi
Photo by: wiki , Creative Commons

For many people that think of Africa, what comes to mind is a wide expanse of grassland where elephants, antelopes, zebras, and other wild animals roam freely which is a good description of Chelinda, Malawi.

Chelinda, Malawi is a place that is located in the middle of Nyika Plateau. When you go to the plateau, you will see an endless stretch of grassland filled with wild orchids. You will also see a variety of wild African animals that you usually see in zoos like elephants, antelopes, zebras, hyenas, leopards, and several hundreds of bird species. It is truly a treasure trove of flora and fauna.

Aside from experiencing Malawi at its finest, you will also be comfortable during your stay because the place offers accommodations in the form of chalets and lodges. You will have a bedroom, small kitchen, dining room, and bathroom in the middle of the plateau. You can also eat great meals at the restaurant and unwind at the bar. It is very nice to wake up and see the beautiful Nyika Plateau and to eat while being surrounded by colourful flowers and roaming wild animals.

As can be expected, you can do a lot of nature-related activities in Chelinda Camp like bird watching, fishing, mountain biking, hiking, and safaris on horseback. You should not miss any of these activities because you will not experience anything like these in the Western city or town where you live.

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