Chichen Itza Weather

Chichen Itza will transport you back to ancient times with the beautiful empire ruins of the ancient Mayans. Because of its historical value, a lot of people visit this ancient ruin all year long.

If you are planning to visit this historical site of the ancient Mayans, make sure that you look at the weather to help you plan your trip.

Best Time to Visit

This beautiful site is located in the Yucatan Peninsula and this area in Mexico is usually hot and humid during the months of June to August. The best time to visit is from the months of December to May. The weather in Chichen Itza during these months will bring you the best comfort when you are touring the site.

You won’t encounter sudden downpours which will give you more time to explore the ancient ruins. The average temperature in Chichen Itza is 79 °F (26°C) and goes up and down 5 degrees during the different seasons.

Since the country is humid, just make sure that you bring enough water to keep you hydrated during your stay.

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