A farm in Chillan, Chile.

Photo by: obragruesa , Creative Commons

Chilling out in Chile is truly a remarkable thing you must not dare miss in your life. This is so true especially if your city of destination is the wonderful land of Chillian. With many ideal places, adventures, activities, and people here, it is only obvious why this is one of the best in the world.

Chilian is located in the Bio-Bio Region of Chile. It is about 400 kilometers away from the capital of Santiago. People from Chillian are said to be known for having rich literary and artistic traditions. In fact, the world-famous pianist Claudio Arrau is a native of this great city. Looking back, the city was founded in 1580 as San Bartoleme de Chillian. From then, the population has grown to as much as 170,000 people making it one of the most populated cities in the country.

As a guest here in Chillian, there are many things you must experience. For instance, you must not fail to visit the waterfalls off the beaten path, museums, and the numerous historical churches. There are also many destinations for skiing on various mountains in the city.

Moreover, the open market of the city is also an exciting place to visit. Here, you can experience a huge block of markets that offers almost everything from fruits and vegetables to clothes. There are also fantastic restaurants that highlight exotic dishes to please your appetite.

Another exciting thing you can do in Chillian is to visit small family farms. From this experience, you can get the chance to taste the authentic home cooked cuisines of the city. You can also try an unforgettable cart ride around the countryside.

To get around the city is very easy. The same is true when going in and out of the city. Either travel by land, water, or air will always bring you to wherever you wish to go, either inside or outside Chillian.

Indeed, it will always be difficult to find a place that will make your travel convenient and memorable for you at the same time. And you are lucky that you already know one such place. This is the land of Chillian, where great people, perfect cuisines, rich history, and scenic views are housed and opened to all the guests who pay a visit to the city.

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