Chobe National Park

Baby Elephant in Chobe National Park
Photo by: Wikipedia, Creative Commons

If you want to experience the wildlife of Africa in just one destination, Chobe National Park is the perfect destination. Being the second largest conservation area in Botswana, it offers you a good site of the largest collection of wild animals including elephants, antelopes, buffalo, lions, hyenas and more.

However, this place is more famous for the large concentration of elephants. In fact, there is an estimated 120,000 elephants that are seeking refuge in this national park. Moreover, aside from this wildlife, you can see various kinds of migratory birds visiting this sanctuary from November to March.

Another reason why Chobe National Park is a must see is because you can experience four different ecosystems in this one place. There is one with dense forests and lush plains in the Northeast side, which is called Serondela. There is also the Savuti Marsh just in the western part and the Linyati Swamps in the Northwest. Lastly, there is a dry hinterland in between the other ecosystems.

Of all these ecosystems, Savuti is the most famous not only here in Chobe but as well as the whole of Africa. This is because you can find a good number of wildlife animals here all throughout the year. In fact, if you give yourself three to four days to experience this place, you can see all what Africa wildlife has to offer.

So, do you wish to experience the ultimate safari getaway? Well, the Chobe National Park has everything covered for you. From harmless animals such as giraffes and elephants to the mighty lions and hyenas, you have it all here.

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