Photo by: Wikimedia, Creative Commons

If you happen to pass by at the U.S. Virgin Islands, you may want to explore one of its great cities, Christiansted in Saint Croix, which is one of the main islands of this US territory. This used to be the capital of the Danish West Indies. This is where you will find the Christiansted National Historic Site. As of 2004, this city has a record of 3000 population. This is very ideal for people who are searching for traces of the past because its people and government were able to preserve Danish-style buildings created in the 18th century that were built by African slaves. You will be amazed at the pastel colors of the buildings, which were made from solid stone and have tile roofs with bright red colors.

The town itself is elegant to observe because of its symmetry. The Christiansted, U.S. Virgin Islands has streets that run at right angles up to the waterfront. This is among the many reasons why people love taking a walk while enjoying the view and clicking their cameras for souvenirs as they go about their tour. The centers of the town’s commercial area can be found at the King and Company streets that are near the Christiansted National Historic Site. There are several hotels, restaurants and scuba shops that will make your stay more enjoyable and worthwhile. There are also many beaches where you can indulge on your favorite water sports or go nature-tripping at various spots such as the ones that can be found near the Buck Island.

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