Countryside of Clervaux
Photo by: tarchamps, Creative Commons

Clervaux is located in northern Luxembourg and serves as the capital of the Canton of Clervaux. In 2005, the town only had a population of 1037. It maintains close relationships with nearby towns.

The numerous sights to visit in Clervaux begin in the Castle of Clervaux. The castle permanently houses the display of a famous exhibit by Edward Steichen: The Family of Man. Countless tourists crowd the castles all year round to view the exhibit and admire the beauty of the photo collection.

A place of interest in Clervaux is the Saint-Maurice and Saint Maur Abbey. For many years the Abbey has been maintained as the base for Roman Catholic missions to Scandinavia. Halldor Laxness, a Nobel Prize winner, is also noted to have been converted to Roman Catholicism while visiting the Abbey.

The history of Clervaux is best depicted in more places. Aside from the Castle of Cleveraux, The Church of Cleveraux also offers the same majesty. An important religious center of the town, the church was center to catechetical missions to nearby areas.

The National Museum of War in Clervaux must also be visited. It houses the remnants of the countless war Luxembourg has been into. It holds great historical importance as machines, cannons, and other weapons are exhibited in the museum. It depicts the hard-won battle that led to the country’s freedom.

Clervaux has a total land area of 9.84 square miles. But in this small area, the town boasts not only of splendid attractions but also buildings dedicated to the history of the whole country.

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