CN Tower

CN Tower 400
CN or Canadian National Tower
Photo by: alexindigo, Creative Commons

The Canadian National Tower, also known as the CN Tower, is North America’s tallest structure with a height of 1,815 feet and 5 inches (553.3 meters). It is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and it has been Canada’s icon for many years and for that reason many people are drawn to visit the place. The tower looks like a telecommunication structure built originally as a TV and Radio communication platform for the whole area of Toronto before a revolving restaurant was built on at the first level and moves its way to the top.

The restaurant revolves every 72 minutes taking the café aloft. The tower has six high-speed elevators with glass fronts that are sturdy, these can take guests up to the peak. The speed of the elevator is fast because you can reach the top, which is the Skypod (Look-out Level) in just a matter of 58 seconds. From the top, visitors can actually see the whole of Toronto, the best sceneries in the area, and even the Niagara Falls. On an observation deck, more people visit the tower.

Today, it is the center of entertainment. Surrounding the freestanding tower is the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, a venue for events, meetings, and conventions. Another is the Rogers Centre also known as the Skydome. The tower makes it possible for everyone to experience a one of a kind sky adventure.

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