Overlooking the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Photo by: otravezmehicemujer , Creative Commons

Cochabamba is considered as one of the most progressive and active cities of Bolivia. It is surrounded by the Alalay lagoon, San Sebastian hill, and Tunari hill. Its altitude is at 2,558 m above sea level. Cochabamba is situated in a fertile valley with pleasant and mild weather. Many tourists prefer to stay in Cochabamba because it has warm and sunny days with cool nights during winter. When summer comes, it has an average temperature of 26C or 78F. Currently, the city is inhabited with more than 700,000 residents.

Cochabamba can be reached either by land or air. It boasts of several main attractions including the following:

• Palacio Portales – This main attraction in Cochabamba is located in the Queru-Queru zone, providing the evidence of tin baron, Simón Patiño’s great wealth. The building is made up of imported materials. Its construction started in 1915 and finished in 1927. Currently, it is an interesting place as it has been made into a cultural center and an art museum.
• El Cristo de la Concordia – This main attraction, which is higher compared to the Cristo del Corcovado in Brazil, is a beautiful and huge statue of Jesus Christ. It provides a scenic view of the city from its top.
• Pairumani – This main attraction is also referred to as Villa Albina. It is a mausoleum situated in the mansion of Simón Patiño containing the remains of the latter and his wife, Albina.
• La Coronilla – This main attraction is a hill that represents a monument intended for the brave women who fought against Spanish forces in 1812 in order to defend the city.

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