Coimbra in Portugal
Photo by: brostad, Creative Commons

Coimbra in Portugal is one great historical city located about 195 km north of Lisbon. With a population of approximately 100 thousand people in the city proper and occupying 300 or so square kilometers, the city was once the capital of Portugal until it was transferred and relocated. Until now, the city has played significant in Portugal’s development being a center of urban development next to Lisbon. The city is also where the University of Coimbra, which is one of the oldest institutions in Europe, is located.

The temperature of Coimbra is generally cool in January with an average of 15 degrees Celsius and hottest during July and August with the highest temperatures reaching 29 degrees Celsius. During December, records of high precipitation are observed averaging to about 140 mm of rainfall.

Aside from the famous artifacts containing old structures, the city is world famous because of its activities including a vibrant night life, rich culture, monuments, museums, churches, shopping amenities as well as the superb healthcare it provides. The key feature which is the presence of the University of Coimbra, has also generated a strong activity in the arts, and attracted a strong presence of artists, writers and an academic community which led to the city being called as the Lusitanian Athens.

The city can be located over a hill and majestic structures stood waiting to be explored by curious visitors. Famous landmarks of the place include the Santa Cruz Monastery, Coimbra’s old cathedral, the new Cathedral of Coimbra, Machado de Castro Museum and many others. Furthermore, its booming economy enables shopping centers and other forms of luxuries while maintaining the old feel of the city as evidenced by coffee shops and specialty stores situated in charming old architectural buildings.

The promise of cultural enrichment, endless sun and amazing sights await tourists who decide to visit the great city of Coimbra. So, wait no more and book your tour to Coimbra on the next vacation and you will surely enjoy your stay with family, friends or even your lover.

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