Panama Canal in Colon
Photo by: lyng883, Creative Commons

Not happy with your previous vacation? In Colon, both wild and endangered species will merge into one sanctuary. Three of the most visited location in Colon will be discussed here to serve as your comprehensive guide to the diverse locality.

Chagres National Park, located at the east of Panama Canal, covers hundred thousands of hectares of the city. You can see the Lake of Alajuela flowing peacefully up to Cerro Azul. On top of it, you can catch a sight of the entire Panama City in one perpetual gaze. To get here, it will just take you thirty minutes from any highway of Colon and after that, you can enjoy the breathtaking sites of the city.

Bocas Del Toro Grottoes is an island cavern where different species of bats live. This coral rock cave is well explored by tourists all over the world. However, you should wear only light clothing for this expedition and flashlights in your pocket to guide you at night.

Island of Birds or Swan’s key to other people, is a sanctuary for various types of birds in Panama. Pelican, seagulls and frigates are some of the common animals you can see on your trip. To be able to enjoy your stay in the island, don’t forget to hang your binoculars on your neck and bring with you your handy camera to take hold of the exquisite occasion.

Colon is named after Christopher Columbus’ last name. The bright voyager truly deserves this honor and will carry on his legacy to other explorers. Even you can witness this great expedition once you decided to pay a visit to the wondrous city of Colon.

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