Port of Constanta in far horizon
Photo by: Kaiban, Creative Commons

Constanta is another one of the great cities of Romania which was called by the former King Carol I as the lung of Romania, because of its harbour. Today it continues to be the prime seaport of Romania, and is located on the western coast of the Black Sea. It used to be the site of ancient Tomis, the provincial capital of the Roman Empire under Emperor Constantine I. The city’s south port facilities connect to Danube River and agricultural lands of wheat and barely extend towards the shorelines. Constanta is not just a city; it’s a wonderful resort and the door to the blue sea and to the world. Monuments, fountains, and monuments surround the city’s beautiful landscape.

The huge Casino of Constanta is one the popular tourist attractions. The Casa cu lei (the house with lions) is also a very important historical structure. Other very cultural and tourist attractions include the Orthodox Cathedral St. Pavel and Peter, the Constanta lighthouse, and the Statue of Mihai Eminescu on the sea’s shore. Constanta also boasts of an Archaeology Museum that resemble most of its Greek and Roman History.

For the very active tourists who want action other than sightseeing, Constanta also has many natural wonders such as the Mosque of Constanta-Minaret, and the ancient ruins at Histria. Beaches, community resorts, spas and the Opera Constanta are enough to keep tourists busy for a couple of days. And for those who crave for night life, Constanta’s Jupiter Disco is definitely the place to go.

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