Contadora Island

Contadora Island
Photo by: sarahwenger, Creative Commons

Contadora Island is also known as Isla Contadora to some natives. Panama’s largest beach provider will certainly give you the perfect accommodation you can ever experience during your vacation. You can choose from a wide range of hotels and inns without worrying about traffic. The only means of transportation you will see here are golf carts, motorcycles, bicycles and four-wheelers tagging along each other in the open boulevard.

CBS media holds their famous television show, Survivor, at this very place. The surrounding water bodies of the island are mostly warm but gets cold in February. You can swim, snorkel or even dive your way down to the bottom part of the water and see stone fishes and cone shells that are quite lethal. In which case, caution must be observed. The beautiful sites of whirling sting rays are also seen underneath the Island.

The place is recommended for people who want to get a sun-kissed skin after summer. If you don’t want to see the sights of the waters, you can just lay down the white, sandy beaches of the island and read a couple of good books for relaxation. You can also shop around their grocery stores otherwise; eat different scrumptious cuisine in their top of the line restaurants. But here’s the catch, ATM are not available in this city so you have to bring your money with you in case of emergency.

Contadora Island is definitely a unique place for leisure. Over ten exhilarating beaches are offered in this place and you can only choose one. Don’t worry because each step you take is a journey that will never keep you jaded.

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