Downtown Conway
Photo by: Photolitherland, Creative Commons

Conway, Arkansas is a city brimming with youthful vigor and energy. It earned the moniker “City of Colleges” for having three postsecondary schools namely, the Central Baptist College, Hendrix College and the University of Central Arkansas. These colleges provide the city with numerous performing arts opportunities all throughout the year thus enriching the cultural experience in Conway.

The city also has an annual celebration called the Toad Suck Daze Festival. This event promotes music and the arts while keeping the atmosphere enjoyable with games like Toad Races. It also has normal festival fare such as carnival rides and an assortment of food. The festival got its name from a catchphrase used by the townsfolk whenever the captain and crews of the steamboat went drinking at the taverns. They compared the act of drinking to a toad that swells up when full. And while we’re on the topic of Toad Suck, visit the park of the same name for a mid-day picnic or a spontaneous camping trip.

If you’re not a fan of the arts and culture scene, then a more relaxing option for a Conway vacation is a trip to Lake Conway. Rumor has it that the Lake hides a monster in its depths. While stories abound regarding strange movements in the lake, there is no concrete proof that it exists. Putting the urban legends aside, Lake Conway is a well-known fishing spot with a number of areas that the public can access for free.

Lake Beaverfork is another recreational spot that’s perfect for swimming, boating and fishing. There are still a number of tourist favorites that you may want to see such as the Cadron Settlement Park, Lake Atkins, Lake Overcup and the Wooly Hollow State Park.

If you want to shop for souvenirs to bring home, drop by Pickles Gap Village. This village has a wide array of gift shops to choose from as well as arts and crafts stores. And if you ever get hungry while shopping, you can always grab a bite at the Pickle Barrel Restaurant.

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