Bridge in Conwy
Photo by: Verity Cridland, Creative Commons

If you happen to be traveling to Northern Wales, make sure to drop by Conwy for a chance to see this quaint walled town in all of its glory. Ever since this small sleepy town was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, it has enjoyed a steady stream of tourists, wanting to know more about Welsh history. So whether you’re looking for any mysteries the church castle holds, or you just want to admire its structural beauty, you won’t be disappointed with what Conwy Wales has to offer you.

As you step into Conwy, you’ll get that feeling of being transported back in time, when kings ruled the land and knights roamed the streets on their magnificent horses. Conwy castle, though smaller than the other castles in the nearby towns, will provide you with a magnificent view of the sea on one side, and land on the other. Another priceless gem is the original town hall, which has 22 towers that you can explore. If you’re looking for the oldest surviving townhouses on this side of Wales, then the Plas Mawr and the Aberconwy House is surely worth a visit.

But your Conwy day trip doesn’t end there. If you have the time, make sure to take a sightseeing tour boat ride along the Conwy River to see the town from another perspective. This 30-minute ride, which only exists in the summer months, will give you a breathtaking view of the town. Make a pit stop at the working riverfront for a snack. The Conwy mussels and the fish and chips in this area are delectable treats that will surely have you wanting more.
This town boasts of having one of a kind store so you’re sure to enjoy a unique shopping experience every time. They have everything from random art prints to high quality chocolate treats to surfing apparel. You’ll even find a butcher’s shop on the high street that sell welsh oggies, sausages and welsh rarebit. If you’re looking for products that reflect the Conwy craftsmanship then head on to Rowehill Street, where you’ll find beautiful jewelry and unique items to give as gifts.

Since the town is quite compact, the best way to see the sights up close is by walking. If you’re planning to venture out to the downtown area, you can take a bus. But no matter how you decide to get around Conwy or the number of times you have come to visit, you’ll surely feel that there’s always certain magic in the air.

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