Plaza San Martín in Córdoba, Argentina

Photo by: morrissey, Creative Commons

With a population of over two million, Cordoba is considered as the second largest city in Argentina. The city is surrounded by three valleys and formed into three main mountain groups. Breathtaking scenery, along with historic colonial buildings are the main attractions in Cordoba that makes it so popular around the world.

Attractions You Should Not Miss


Touring all of the museums in Cordoba is impossible if you plan to complete the trip in just one day. There are many science, arts, technology, and historical museums along with varied exhibitions in Cordoba and visiting all the museums will probably take you more than a week.


Churches also make great attractions you should visit when in Cordoba. Different churches with different architectural influences can be seen in the city. Monasterio de Santa Teresa is one of the unique churches you can visit as it has an interesting pink color.

Parks and Squares

There are also many parks and squares in Cordoba filled with beautiful natural and manmade lakes and gardens. Parque Sarmiento, which is in Nueva Cordoba, is considered the most popular park in the city for its flower garden, zoo, and the amazing manmade lake.


There are over fifty theatres in Cordoba, all of them hosting different exhibitions and shows. These theatres, also known as arte bars, are great places you can go to when visiting Cordoba during other months except summer.

Hillside Resorts

When visiting Cordoba during the summer, hillside resorts are definitely an attraction you should not miss. Carlos Paz is a popular hillside resort you can visit to escape the summer heat and enjoy the cool breeze on the hillside.

Things You Should Know

• The best time to visit Cordoba will be from March thru May or from August thru November so that you get to experience very little rain. These months are also great for visiting Cordoba as the temperature is less humid.

• Travelling around Cordoba is mostly done by bus, as it is less costly than taxi. You will need special bus coins or cards for the payment so make sure to buy one to avoid any hassles.

• Biking around Cordoba is also another great way you can try to get to your destination easily. Moreover, it is important that you take caution, as the roads get quite difficult to go through, especially during rush hour.

• Most of the hotels in Cordoba can be found in the heart of the city. If you want to rest in a more peaceful environment, you can easily take a bus to the outskirts of the city where most of the resorts are located.

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