Corfu Island

Corfu 400
Corfu Island
Photo by: √oхέƒx™, Creative Commons

Are you wondering where to go for your trip to Greece? There is a perfect place for you and your whole family to visit. The place is Corfu. This is one of the popular tourist destinations in Greece. Ask any visitor who’s found their way there and they will only give you a deep sigh and a smile.

Yes, there are times when you get to visit some places where words are not enough to describe the total experience there. Well, here in Corfu, Greece, you will find yourself almost doing the same thing as the other visitors – giving off a deep sigh since you will be amazed at the landscapes and of course, the golden sand of its beaches.

Corfu is an island at the north side of the Ionian group. Don’t swim too far since you’d find yourself in the Adriatic Sea already but kidding aside, there so many places to drop by while you are in Corfu – you like museums? Corfu is popular with its ancient artifacts just remember that when you are inside any museum that has paintings and other sculptures, better draw it or just capture the moment in your mind since bringing out your cameras is prohibited. Is there an explorer in you? You’d be amazed at the sights of the Venetian fortress that Corfu has.

Visitors really do flock to this island as compared with the other neighboring islands since Corfu was the first one that opened its doors to tourism. Corfu is the happening place to be since there is Central Square Spiniada or Esplanade, the Liston or the rows if cafes where you can unwind after going through different churches in the island.

Corfu – rest, unwind, savor and relish.

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