Bantry House in Cork
Photo by: Jim Linwood, Creative Commons

True to Irish fashion, this suburban city also has a rich story to tell. Cork rightfully acquired its name – The City of Rebels when most of the inhabitants supported the notorious English Pretender, Perkin Warbeck during the War of Roses. Since then it stuck on to the point that constituents ended up branding themselves as Rebels up to this date.

However, despite the notoriety their nickname gives them, you have to know that nothing is to be feared in Cork. In fact, it is one of the places that you must absolutely experience the next time you go to Ireland. Why you ask?

Here are a few of the reasons why:
1. Cork like the rest of Ireland enjoys a pleasantly cool climate especially during summers.

2. Next to Galway, the city is the next haven for young and budding artists. Here you will not only find several universities teaching the students how to dance, sing and act but you will also find venues for their art. Some of which include:
– The Triskel Arts Centre
– Cork Jazz Festival and
– Everyman Palace Theatre

3. The Red Abbey – an Augustinian abbey built of red sandstones. Unfortunately, the bell tower of this abbey is the only thing that is left of the structure and the entirety of the buildings that are built during the medieval times.

4. You also get to see the County Hall – administrative headquarters of the city. This used to be the tallest building in Ireland before it was replaced by the Elysian which also happens to be situated in Cork.

5. Just across the County Hall, you will also find the longest building in Ireland – a housing complex named Atkins hall. Before, the structure was known to be Our Lady’s Psychiatric Hospital when it was first built.

6. For the train enthusiasts, Cork is a must – see because of the West Cork Model Railway Village. This is where you will see miniature handmade models of trains and old towns thriving near the railways.

7. Finally, if you want to find out how the old “Rebels” defended their bay, you can also visit the Charles Fort – a star shaped fort constructed towards the late 17th century.

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