Corniche Beirut

Corniche, Beirut 400
Corniche Boardwalk
Photo by: lucianaluciana, Creative Commons

Corniche Beirut is a seashore esplanade located in the Beirut, Lebanon. The area here features of palm trees in a sequence and offers stunning views of the Mediterranean, in addition, the highest point of the Mount Lebanon can be seen from here.

The Corniche is a favorite spot for bikers, walkers, and joggers. The area features a number of restaurants. It is also one of the best holiday locations to hang out with friends.

The sunny days here is a major attraction where one can find a number of people jogging. Also it offers stunning views of the water and the local food at the nearby restaurants is a highlight here.

In addition a number of public events and local festivals are held at the Corniche which is one of the major attractions.

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