Skyline of Cotonou
Photo by: ~MVI~, Creative Commons

Cotonou, Benin is considered to be the most important place in Africa even though the capital is at Porto Novo. All due to the fact that in Cotonou, a lot of tourists are simply bustling in the place. The center of economic activity makes it the nest place for tourists to hang out and unwind after miles of walking and exploring the vast lands of Africa.

One place to go to is the museum where you can experience the centuries of royalty. Better head to the ancient capital if you want older remnants of Africa’s past but if you want to be in the middle of a thriving place, Cotonou in Benin is your best choice.

Another place to check out is the Ganvie which to the local and other tourists who have visited Cotonou, Benin, it is treated as Africa’s Venice since it is a small village that was built on stakes in the middle of the lake. This is a few miles away from Cotonou.

If you are not much of a sight-seer for places that bring out too much history and the past, you could head to the Boulevard St. Michel. This place is highly recommended by tourists too since it is so much like busy Paris at night. Bring a lot of money for this trip since you might not be able to resist the Dan Topka market wherein they sell all sorts of souvenirs and hard to find artifacts.

It’s very humid so pack lightly!

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